Our Partners believe in our mission to turn Green into Gold. They, too, are committed to providing support and opportunities to help our athletes succeed, on and off the court, track, field or pool.

If you would like to be involved, please reach out for a coffee.


We believe in building a stronger foundation for the future of our Green & Gold Athletes and are committed to contributing funds to an endowment fund, managed by - Perpetual Limited.







Direct 1-to-1 Athlete Donation: We facilitate bespoke connections for our athletes to brands or individuals that have a desire to support certain regions, sports, athletes or needs.


Our Green & Gold TeamMates are committed to standing by our side and providing a network of resources and opportunities to ensure we can deliver on our mission to turn green into gold. Together we provide a connected team focused on strategic collaboration so that our athletes can maximise the opportunities available to suit their individual needs and circumstances.